The winner of FSN Capital’s ESG award for 2023 is Gram Equipment.

Gram Equipment on how a commercial ESG approach drives business growth and customer satisfaction

Among the world’s leading suppliers of ice cream equipment and services, Gram serves many of the best-known ice cream brands with production lines ranging from freezers to packaging equipment that produce up to 42,000 ice creams per hour. Gram currently employs around 600 employees globally and has offices in Denmark, the US, Turkey, China, and Italy.

Gram’s vision to become the world’s best producer of sustainable ice cream equipment and services reflects the success of its long-time focus on ESG-commercial integration and a recognition that sustainability is not just a moral imperative but also a driver of business growth and customer satisfaction.

Having fully implemented FSN’s standard templates, Gram went on to conduct further systematic research into its customers’ sustainability requirements. Doing so ensured that Gram’s own sustainability investments would generate long-term cost savings for customers, ultimately establishing a competitive advantage for Gram as its industry’s preferred provider of sustainable production solutions.

Further cementing its leadership position is indeed the data-driven  approach Gram brings to ESG in general – making evidence-based decisions to ensure its efforts are efficient and impactful – not only in its work with customers but in its internal ESG initiatives as well.

Gram places a strong emphasis on internal ESG training and employee engagement. By empowering its workforce with knowledge, skills, and resources, Gram has fostered a culture of sustainability and collective responsibility. This culture in turn both further empowers Gram as a responsible corporate citizen and, internally, nurtures its One Gram Equipment philosophy, which prioritizes inclusivity and innovation throughout the organization.

2022 ESG
Award winner

Our 2022 winner was Håndverksgruppen (HG), Nordic’s largest provider of surface treatment services including painting, flooring, tiling and masonry. HG was established in 2020 when FSN Capital V partnered with around 30 companies to form a group of local winners and give them access to the benefits of a larger platform, while still maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit through HG’s decentralised structure. Today the group totals more than 3000 employees in over 100 operating companies.

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